People don’t change. People choose. He can choose the positive side of his existence, if instructed, empowered and trained to discover in him, the way to be a right partner, right manager, right character and thus a proper professional. The role of the teacher is to guide, inspire, empower and prove to the trainee that he must and can choose the good side of himself. Because in this life “we are our choices”

Our values

Only He who fights the darkness inside him, will have his own share of the sun tomorrow

The good teacher is 1/4 knowledge and 3/4 Ethos

Experience is what happens to us. Maturity is how we deal, learn & exploit what happens to us

We cannot legislate, compel or oblige for quality service or for believers & deserving workers. But we can inspire them!

Luck is where the preparation meets the opportunity

We were, and we will all be, shipbuilders and captains on our own ship

It’s useless to worry about things that you can fix and is useless to worry about things that you cannot fix.

Don’t promise when you’re happy, don’t answer when you’re angry, don’t decide when you’re sad. You’ll be sorry.

Life itself is not easy or difficult. Life is demanding. But when you’re demanding with yourself, life will be infinitely easier with you.

Your element is when your natural inclination meets your personal passion. (Sir Ken Robinson)

What do we need to design a promising future? Experiences

If you want to succeed in this life NOW is the time to visualize the future

This time of year you wish you had started today

Anger is a poison you drink and you expect the other to die.

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