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All JMK seminars – webinars are tailor maid to your own needs.

We can pass on warmth, human communication, emotions, knowledge, learning adventure, empowerement, mutual appreciation, THROUGH our screens. We can share the joy of a Webinar, because all of us, who have coexisted for so many years, have a surplus of all of the above. We are not intimidated by technology, the screen does not keep us apart, we do not afraid of the microphones. Our need to be TOGETHER wins!Giannis Kalogerakis will bring to your people the new prospective, the inspiration, the empowerment and the screens will be filled with smiles.And our lives will become more normal. And the new benefit of  all this: You keep the recorded Webinars and your people attend them over and over again. Whenever they need it, whenever new members are added to the group, whenever they request it again.Talk to us to organize the next Webinar in your company. Because distance can bring us closer to the victory of human power!

We bridge the gap. Because it is possible and we can!

Two typical JMK Anthropocentric Webinars

1. WEBINAR for Managers :
How to Effectively Manage Remote Teams, REMOTELY
2. WEBINAR for Employees :
How to Excel, working REMOTELY

JMK for Syneteristiki Insurance

JMK Webinar for SYNETERISTIKI ISNSURANCE on: My Attitude determines my Altitude.


JMK empowering Webinar for VETO group of companies Event 2021.

JMK for PlanAhead

JMK empowering Webinar for PlanAhead on My Attitude determines my Altitude.

JMK for Parents & Kids

Free Webinar for Parents on: My attitude determines my altitude & for kids on: educating my mind and my body. Watch it on our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/jmkalogerakis

JMK at Philo4Thought Inc. NY, USA

JMK Webinar at Philo4Thought Inc. NY, USA on: educate, inspire and empower young professionals.

JMK for Springfield Shipping Co.

JMK webinar for the navy officers of Springfield on: Empowering our people to apply all learned & excel in difficult times

JMK for for Westnet

A JMK Anthropocentric Webinar for all employees of Westnet, entitled: My attitude determines my altitude.

JMK for CSAP at University of Piraeus

A free webinar for the postgraduate students of CSAP at University of Piraeus, on Systemic Branding – The Anthropocentric Approach.

JMK for for Kids

Free Webinar for kids on: How my Attitude determines my Altitude. Watch it on our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/jmkalogerakis

JMK for for Pharos

A two-day webinar for middle management of Pharos on Anthropocentric LEADERment.


1st Sales Webinar 2021, of METLIFE Cyprus.

JMK for for BD.com


JMK on The Future of the Industry

A JMK zoom interview on: How Millennials Influence the ‘Green & Blue Change.

JMK at Pick-a-Pier

A JMK zoom interview on: Crisis Management – How to lead by example during challenging times.

JMK for for 16th HSSS virtual conference

The current AI transformation for Effective HRD: From the Business & Customer-Centric model, to THE ANTHROPO-CENTRIC MODEL

JMK for COACH NOW 2020 hybrid conference

A JMK speech on: Coaching & Leadership can be taught, BUT not suitable for everybody.

JMK on a TEDxIonian University talk

A TEDxIonianUniversity talk via zoom, on Crisis Management – The Anthropocentric approach.

JMK for Vibram, Pagounas Group

A JMK webinar for the shoe repair small business owners.

JMK for A.M. Nomikos Maritime

Webinar title : Anthropocentric Leadership for Shipping Managers, for the Management Team of A.M. Nomikos Transworld Maritime Agencies Maritime Industry SA – Athens Office (London Office on the 20th of July 2020 – A.M. Nomikos & Son (UK) Limited)

Selling to Millennials in the post Covid-19 era

A JMK Empowering WEBINAR for all sales executives of BSB Paphos-Limassol-Larnaka.

JMK for Gikas Dental Care

A JMK webinar on: Anthropocentric Dental Care in Demanding Times, for the health professionals of Gikas Dental Care in Alexandroupolis.


A JMK webinar for all executives of EUROLIFE CY, on Ασφαλιστικός Σύμβουλος Ζωής : τώρα περισσότερο από ποτέ, στέκομαι δίπλα στον πελάτη μου.


A JMK webinar for the management team of EUROLIFE CY, on Managing Remote Teams Successfully.

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