Speeches – Conferences

Speeches – Conferences

Empowering - motivational speeches at annual corporate meetings
Empowering speeches at conferences – Conference Review
After / before dinner conference empowering speaking
Empowering - motivational speeches at exhibitions

Empowering speeches, affecting employees by encourage them, providing solutions to work issues and personal issues that engage them, enhancing their professionalism. Yannis Kalogerakis is simple, accessible, understandable and in line with the needs, peculiarities and specific corporate concerns of every employee.

These speeches touch and empower professionalism, ethics, consistency, courage and offer to vision, enhancing the principles and values of the companies..

By addressing large audiences (corporate meetings, international conferences etc.), Yannis Kalogerakis, as an experienced professional trainer / empowering speaker, knows how to fascinate the audience, sensitize them, move them where necessary, excite them, and finally entertain them pleasantly.

Humor, immediacy and transmissibility are some of his greatest weapons

JMK for The Economist

A JMK speech for the ECONOMIST EVENT on: AI at the dawn of 2021 : Thinking outside the box

JMK for COACH NOW 2020

A JMK speech on: Coaching & Leadership can be taught, BUT not suitable for everybody.

The current AI transformation for Effective HRD

From the Business & Customer-Centric model, to THE ANTHROPO-CENTRIC MODEL, for the 16th online Hellenic Society for Systemic Studies, National & International Conference.

JMK for the ERMES group

A JMK motivational speech for the ERMES group / From DEBENHAMS to ERA / A major rebranding project in Cyprus.

JMK at Mindspark Trikala

First day keynote speech with the title: The Divine Simplicity of Ethics & the Anthropocentric Approach to Creativity & Innovation. Second day masterclass on: How we Inspire our People for Self-motivation, Innovation & Creativity.

A TEDx IonianUniversity talk

A TEDxIonianUniversity talk via zoom, on Crisis Management – The Anthropocentric Approach.

JMK at BRINKS annual event

A JMK motivational & empowering speech for the Security Officers of BRINKS.

JMK's Keynote at ECONOMIST CONFERENCE during BOOT 2020 Dusseldorf

Sailing & Yachting : The Impact on People’s Lives, an Anthropocentric Keynote Speech on 17th of January 2020 Economist Conference.


A JMK Keynote for the annual meeting of the APPLIA (Home Appliances) www.applia-hellas.gr, on: Leading Change.

JMK for the Royal College of Arts, London

A JMK speech at the RCA Information Experience Design (IED) postgraduate students, with the title: Presentation Skills for Artists.

JMK at the 16th inter. conference 'FINGER PRINT OF CHANGE' in Istanbul

JMK on: From Managing Change to Leading Change, at the Elite World Conference Center in Istanbul.


A JMK Empowering & Motivating Keynote speech at the DAIKIN 2019 Conference on: CHANGE the EXPERIENCE of the Customer Journey

JMK in HR SUMMIT 2019 in Cluj Romania

An empowering speech for the HR Executives of Romania in Cluj on: Re-thinking the HUMAN side of HR Development.

JMK for Institute of Internal Auditors Greece

Keynote speech at the Institute of Internal Auditors Greece, with the title: Think smart, with your heart.

JMK for PSEAD Cyprus

A JMK keynote speech at PSEAD (PANCYPRIAN ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL MEDIATORS) on: New Era, New Demands, New Generegations & The Adaptability of The Professional Mediator.

JMK for Globalworth

An Empowrement Keynote Speech for all executives of Globalworth, with the title: ONE COMPANY – ONE TEAM.

JMK for the Mindspark

JMK on Millennials for the Mindspark, at 84th Thessaloniki International Fair.


A JMK Empowering Speech for the employees of VITEX, on: Excellence, the Anthropocentric Approach.

JMK for Playmobil Academy

Customer Experience in family owened toy shops, for the Playmobil Academy in Thessaloniki.

JMK for www.winorb.gr members

Anthropocentric, empowering speech for the members of www.winorb.gr, on: Sales / Solutions in a Changing World.

JMK for the executives of Alpha Bank

Empowering speech for the executives of Alpha Bank, on: The ALPHA CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

JMK for the National Customer Service Week

Opening speech for the companies participating in the National Customer Service Week, organized by the Hellenic Customer Service Institute


Anthropocentric speech at ICOMIA WORLD MARINA CONFERENCE 2018 World Conference, on: Training Marinas the Anthropocentric Way.

JMK at the ECONOMIST Conference on Health Care

JMK keynote speech on: ‘Re-educating & Re-training the Providers of Healthcare’, at the ECONOMIST Conference on Health Care.

JMK at Economist on Anthropocentric Ethical Tourism

Keynote speech at the Economist conference in collaboration with the Peloponnese Region on: ANTHROPOCENTRIC ETHICAL TOURISM.

BRANDING COFFEE ISLAND the Anthropocentric Way

JMK anthropocentric speech at the annual Coffee Island conference in Patras, titled Branding Coffee Island the Anthropocentric Way

JMK at the 13th Conference of the Hellenic Customer Service Institute

Keynote speaker / conference coordinator (MoC) at the Hellenic Customer Service Institute Congress, titled: Leading Change in a Connected World.

JMK at Farmacy and Medical Management Conference

Empowering Speech for Doctors and Pharmacists at the Farmacy and Medical Management Conference on Leading Change by Empowering Ispiring Millennials


Keynote speech for the Wedding Circle 2017, on: Personal Branding for Creative Professionals

JMK at the 6th International Sales & Marketing Conference in Tehran

Speech at the 6th International Sales & Marketing Conference in Tehran, Iran

JMK at the 12th Customer Service

Speech at the 12th Customer Service Conference on : Millennials, the most difficult / “simple” customers you have ever had.


” Leading Change every day! “. A JMK seminar for all employees of ALUMIL in Serres.

JMK at the Bakery Union of Larissa Region

Speech in the context of the 100th anniversary celebration of the Bakery Union of Larissa Region, on: “My culture defines my future”.

JMK at Mindspark 2019, in Alexandroupolis

Speech at Mindspark 2019, titled: «JMK on Understanding Millennials»

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