The Military

The Military

JMK within the framework of CSR offers lectures and training sessions at all levels of the armed forces, from the basic level (Naval Training School, Naval Education School) to the top officers at the General Staff and the 12th Infantry Division in Thrace

We strongly believe that they are the people to whom we owe much. And they need our support in order to be inspired to keep their morale and vigor high.

JMK at the Conscript Military School

Lecture to the students of the Military School of Evelpidon on: The Anthropocentric Approach to Leadership in the context of the 190th anniversary celebrations of the school.

JMK for Naval Academy

Lecture on: The Anthropocentric Approach to Leadership, to all students of Naval Academy, the A / GEN and ANS Members.

JMK at GES / GEETHA (Pentagon)

Lecture on: The Anthropocentric Leadership in the Greek Army, to the Hellenic Army Senior Officers, A/ GES and other Pentagon officers

JMK at XII M/K Infantry Division in Evros

Lecture on: The Anthropocentric Approach to the XIII Infantry Division in Evros, to all officers.

JMK at CENT (Naval Tactics Training School)

Lecture on Creating Ethical Leaders and Crisis Management for CENT Officers.

JMK at SDEPN (School of Management & Navy Chiefs of Staff

Lecture on: Anthropocentric Management and Leadership in Hellenic Navy for the Navy Chiefs of Staff .

JMK for DNE ( Naval Administration Education)

Lecture on: The Anthropocentric Team Development for the officers of KEPAL & DNE.

JMK at the Naval Lifelong Learning Center

Lecture on: Developing Creative Thinking in the HN, for the officers of HN, in the Lifelong Learning Center of HN.

JMK at NNA (Athens Naval Hospital)

Lecture on: Effective Communication with Emotional and Social Intelligence, for NNA physicians and nursing / administrative staff.

JMK at KEPAL (Palaska Training Center)

Lecture on: Developing Teams in HN. The Anthropocentric Approach (ethics, principles, values, time, anxiety and energy).

JMK in Naval Education Administration

Lecture on: Anthropocentric Leadership in the HN, to the HN officers, in the Naval Training Administration.

JMK for the Naval Academy

Lecture to the students of the Naval Academy on Leadership & Management (Leaderment).

JMK for the Hellenic Navy

Lecture to the students of the Naval Academy on Leadership & Management in HN (Leaderment).

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Empowerment and motivational Speeches, Seminars, Counseling, Coaching, Training Programs. Our companions in the exciting journey of Anthropocentric Development are our 50-100,000 trainees each year!