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RESPONSIBILITY to meet people and disguise that you can help them to get improved. And for us this is our daily routine.

We have transformed Corporate Social Responsibility into everyday business.

Because we meet people “quietly left” in their comfort zone and we consider our social responsibility to awaken them, socialy, professionally and personally. We want to bring into their life the responsibility, quality, sensitivity, offer, decision of right choice. We let them know  about volunteering, the power of love, the importance of passion in what you do, the satisfaction of the offer. We inspire them and motivate them to communicate their knowledge and experience. To teach young people even the mistakes through they learned.

It is only in this way that young people will envision, they will not face success as a possibility or only as an economic prosperity but will see it in flesh and bones, in the face of people who have not only succeeded in working but have succeeded in being happy by offering and supporting others.

Raise Smart Kids with your Heart

At Pallas Theater, with the valuable cooperation of Dimitris Milliordos and the rest of the organizing committee. Lecture for parents, the proceeds went to the organization, All Together We Can.


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Inspirational and empowering GLOVO volunteers’ to raise their morale and continue to provide
unique services. The art of “crumpling yourself “, at its best!


JMK for ETHELON: How leaders create new leaders

Practical and experiencial leadership seminar for ETHELON volunteers, on how to transmit their leadership skills and create new leaders from younger members.


JMK at NIDO: Diaspora Nigerians

Seminar on “How to change your attitude”, for dispora Nigerians, on how to lead the change, they want for their country (Empowering the Nigerian people to Lead Change).


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Open empowering seminar for the residents of Lamia, under the pioneering institution “Inspiration”, idea and creation of Elpi Chrysoberg and Dora Mpitsi.


JMK in 3rd Ef Zin Festival

JMK joins forces with Elias Katirtsigianoglou and all co-creators of the EZ ZIN Festival, with the aim of supporting people involved in cancer and, in particular, to illuminate the path that some have followed and defeated.

JMK in Lifetime Achievements Awards

Event hosting and awards at the Alumni Association of Strathclyde University, Scotland, as part of the Lifetime Achievements Awards. Honorable guest : Mr. Andreas Spyrou, chief shipbuilder of Aristotle Onassis.

JMK at the Hellenic Society for Systemic Studies

Speech at the Hellenic Society for Systemic Studies, on: How to Recrute and Manage Millennials.

JMK at the School of Nature

Empowering speech for parents and teachers of the School of Nature(Thessaloniki), in the framework of a self-awareness tour entitled: Bringing out the best in me.

JMK at Kalamata Tourism School

Millennials as Customers & Partners, in the Hotel Industry.

JMK at Ethelon Days

Empowering speech to Ethelon volunteers, in the framework of ethelon days on the subject: Generation “V” (“V” for Volunteer)

JMK in Univ. of Piraeus - Society of Systemic Studies

Empowering Speech for CSAP Professionals and Graduates: From Managing Change to Leading Change


Anthropocentric speech at ICOMIA WORLD MARINA CONFERENCE 2018 World Conference on: Training Marinas the Anthropocentric Way.

JMK at the Greek - Bulgarian Chamber in Sofia

Speech for the Greek-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce in Sofia, on the topic: Ethos – Passion – Logos, the ancient pillars of excellence, from Aristotle to Covey.

JMK at Effect

Empowering speech for members of Effect, a social enterprise that helps young people become more engaged and start their careers on the topic: Personal Branding.

JMK at MINDSPARΚ Alexandroupolis

Empowering speech in the framework of the Mindspark Alexandroupolis on Creative Intelligence.

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