At JMK we provide you with a very special way of coaching, mentoring and empowering Human Resources.

JMK Anthropocentric Coaching. We combine elements and principles from modern international coaching systems and in the light of our 35 years of experience, we adapt them to the particular needs of Greek market and culture.

Coaching for People skills

It is addressed to senior executives of companies, who have been in high positions and who have complete technical know-how, but they want to improve their ability to manage anthropocentrically. We are in a position to awaken their interest and add to their knowledge of human resources, equipping them with high-level anthropocentric managerial and leading capabilities.

Coaching for Public Speaking

Executives of all grades are required to make presentations / speeches to different audiences of different sizes. We provide the executives with techniques, intelligent secrets, special tips and methodologies to overcome inhibitory stress and become competent and charming speakers.

Coaching One to One

Based on the JMK Anthropocentric methodology, through particular questions, we lead the trainee’s mind to arrive on his own, personal and creative solutions. This technique becomes his property and the trainee is using it now and forever, both in his working and personal life.

People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.

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Empowerment and motivational Speeches, Seminars, Counseling, Coaching, Training Programs. Our companions in the exciting journey of anthropocentric development are our 50-100,000 trainees each year!