All JMK seminars are tailored to your needs and are created after the combination of your guidelines and our experience.

10 For Employees

From Customer Service to Customer Experience & the WOW Effect in Customer Servic
Emotional – Social & Creative Intelligence at the work place & Anthropocentric Team Working
Anthropocentric approach to Customer Service & Sales
Anthropocentric Telephone Communication
Anthropocentric Negotiations
Men & Women, understanding, respecting, collaborating
Anthropocentric Communication, written, interpersonal, verbal, non-verbal
Understanding the Next Generation - How We Sell to Millennials
The Secretary as a Manager
Time, Stress, Energy Management

10 for Managers

Leadership + Management (Leader Ment)
Anthropocentric Leadership & Team Building with EQ - SQ
Anthropocentric Performance Appraisal for staff Development
Leading Change & Changing the Corporate Culture
Anthropocentric Crisis Management
Leadership of Four Generations in the Workplace
Strategic, Creative & Side Thinking – CQ
Understanding the Next Generation - How We Manage the Millennials
Giving Feedback Effectively & Conflict Management
Coaching and Empowering Skills

Coaching and Empowering SkillsPeople will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.

JMK for Frank Group Romania

Seminar for the executives of the Frank group, in Bucharest, with the title: Leading with EQ.

JMK for Frank, Oxygen & MSPS Romania

An Empowering Seminar for all executives of FRANK, Oxygen & MSPS in Bucharest, with the title: EQ at Work.

JMK for Executives in Bucharest Romania

An Empowering seminar for Executives in Bucharest Romania with the title: The Challenge of Excellence.

JMK for Costa Navarino

Costa Navarino Executives’ Empowerment Seminar: The Challenge of Excellence.

JMK for 2nd Playmobil ACADEMY - Athens

Seminar for Playmobil Store Owners – Partners at the 2nd Playmobil Academy, titled The Takeover of the Family Business.

JMK for Coffee Island

“From Customer Service to Customer Experience”, a twoday workshop for the executives of Coffee Island, in Patra.

JMK at GTD, IQOS, GT & STEGNO stores

Empowering executives of GTD, IQOS, GT & STEGNO stores in Patra, with the title ‘The Power of Excellence’


A 2days Empowering Workshop for all executives of AON Greece, with the title “EQ at Work”


A 2-days empowering seminar for the executives of THE MARGI HOTEL, with the title “the WOW effect in Customer Experience”

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